If only I were happy
as I am unhappy - sevdalinka

video, 2017

Sevdalinke are ancient songs from Bosnia and Herzegovina, probably born during the Ottoman occupation.

The term comes from "Sedvah", a mysterious word which could mean love, soul, black bile, or an untranslatable melancholy, close to the “saudade” of Portuguese Fado.

The lyrics are touching and poetically dramatic and the authors, in most cases, anonymous. The original form of Sevdalinka was made of a very clean arrangement and an almost naked voice.

Although I forgot my first language (Serbo-Croatian) I wanted to sing my favorite of these songs. I started to sing it until the lyrics that at first were only vaguely familiar, began a process of linguistic reconstruction that has yet to stop, allowing me to recover a good part of my first vocabulary.

Evidence of Venus

plastic, wax, variable dimensions, 2017

Evidence of Venus, detail

Evidence of Venus, detail

My petals,
from the fetus to the body

wax, 2017

Pink Orchid

wax, 8x13x7 cm

The Blue gift

wax, 27x13x5 cm