band, 2021-2024

The duo NEMICI DELL'UMANITA' [ENEMIES OF HUMANITY] (Rada Koželj + Giovanni Cristino) was born in 2012 without the awareness of its members. It will take a decade of sporadic intentions and timid hesitation before the two realize, in the summer of 2021, that they were part of it. Diavoli Volanti, consisting of seven songs, is their debut album: the skeleton of short jingles composed and sung by Koželj, was dissected, recomposed and expanded by Cristino.

Sotilofteki gli sgargianti is the second album by the duo. In its full version it is a live reading with music and singing that tells of the existence of a mysterious people inhabiting the astral dimension: the Sotilofteki. This population communicates only by singing. the collection of the six songs extrapolated from the complete live show is also available: Stilofteki (songs). 

Voice, lyrics and melodies
Rada Koželj

Music, master and mixing, piano and manipulated field recordings
Giovanni Cristino

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