JINGLES (2020)

The idea to sing short melodies from improvised lyrics was conceived during the first lockdown as an immediate solution to a need for physical expressiveness, yet intimate and domestic. The project is temporarily titled "jingle", as the melodies and lyrics recall the opening songs of the cartoons I grew up with, but also the advertising jingles that were broadcast during the commercial break that influenced me in a subtler way.

Pagliaccia senza cuore

Heartless Clown

Zahira, nemica dell'umanità

Zahira, enemy of the human kind

Bagno con Pegaso

Bath with Pegasus

Pantera col mantello

Panther with fur

To sting

Capisco la forma

I understand the shape



Lo so: è drammatico.

I know: it's dramatic.

Girone dell'inferno

Circle of Hell